PT Total Harvest Cemerlang was established in 2007, it started the business by distributing food agricultural products.

The company expanded the business by directly importing a variety of foodstuffs and agricultural products, such as for food preparations, starches (flour), nuts, seeds, onions and etc from more than 15 countries. Our customers included food manufacturers, distributors, supermarkets and wholesalers. We covered deliveries with our own transports to be able to cover our distribution more efficiently.


By leveraging our strengths and knowledge about the different types of food, we always provide a better food quality to all our customers.

Overall our goal can be described as we always have a social contract among ourselves with our customer and end users to provide them the best we have. In order to inspire our customers, based on our ability we always provide our customer the better quality products at a reasonable price.


We always treat customer’s credibility as our motivation.


We appreciate the fairness and integrity from our business partners who provided us support to our success. For employees, we always provide a safe and comfortable working environment in order to provide valuable work experience. For our customers, we aim to provide quality at reasonable prices consistently. For suppliers of goods, we respect the trust and good cooperation and mutual benefit. For the community, we promise to be a responsible citizen.


Our basic belief is to maintain the good cooperation that in between our business partners. Based on the relationship, we focused on mutual respect and mutual trust. In the end, we continually strive to build good working relationships with our business partners on the basis of the important principles, namely to fulfill our promise.


Knowledge is very important to create and maintain a competitive advantage for both partners as well as for our own business. We have to ensure our employees have the skills and knowledge on the products and services we provided, and understand the needs of the market changes.


According to the values that we hold, we are doing our best to match the expectations of our business partners. We are guided by the following 4 important factors:


THC is a company founded on trust and reliable attitude which has been awakened. We respond quickly, we value long-term relationships and consistently to fulfill our promise.


In the food industry, it has been categorized at varying levels of product and service quality, THC proud of his ability consistently. We were able to do this by leveraging our experience in the food industry, modern warehousing facilities, and a working relationship that we have maintained our relationship with suppliers around the world.


We understand that price, in addition to the quality of the product, it is important for our customers. Which sets us apart from our peers is consistent with the pricing policy. From our understanding, we are willingly to help our customers to compete and make a profit.


With a very competitive environment, we aware of the importance of shipment on time, for all deliveries to our customers. Our commitment is not to disappoint our customers. Our target is to always deliver on time. For these achievements, both divisions of procurement, sales, warehousing and logistics work together effectively to ensure the supply of goods ready and deliver our products on time to our customers.